5 Great Blessings Of Surah Yasin

Surah Yasin is the most vital and influential Surahs of the Holy Quran. It is commonly known as “the heart of the Quran”, which signifies its importance.

In the Quran, it is the 36th Surah, which comprises of 83 verses. It was revealed in Makkah.

Surah Yasin

Benefits and Rewards:

It offers unlimited benefits and rewards to its reciters.

1.    It Seeks the Forgiveness for Reciter:

It is said that the one who recites it daily only for the sake of forgiveness and Allah’s pleasure, then his all previous sins and mistakes are forgiven.

2.    It Abolishes the Enemy’s Fear from the Heart.

Once Maqri (Rahmatullah Alaihi) said, that if a person is feared from any enemy or ruler, then he should recite it daily and he will definitely get rid of this terror and fear.

Surah Yasin video can also be saved for this purpose.

3.    All your Wishes will be Granted:

According to a hadith, if a person recites the Surah Yasin on every Friday, then all his wishes and desires will be granted.

So, you can search Surah Yasin full download  and can permanently save in your android gadgets.

4.    Surah Yasin Blesses the Reciter with the Martyr Status:

According to a hadith, if a person recites Surah Yaseen full daily at night and then dies. After that, he will be blessed with the status of martyr.

5.    Its Recitation will Solve your all Issues and Problems:

This Surah is the perfect solution for your all worries and tensions. The reciting of Surah Yasin will definitely invoke the blessings of Allah on you.

Just simply write, read Surah Yaseen in the search bar and recite it.

Final Thoughts:

To conclude, Surah Yasin contains all the solutions and answers to your worries and tensions. Just try to make a habit of its daily reciting and enjoy its unlimited blessings.

  • Note: Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W) says: Surah al Fatiha is Cure from every illness.


5 Steps to Design Your Own Engagement Ring

Have you ever asked why individuals commend the pre-wedding assurance with so much excitement? Getting drew in to something noteworthy as discovering somebody who truly adores you and will spend whatever is left of the lives with you is one of the best motivations to celebrate. What’s more, to make that day more extraordinary and significant, you can plan your own wedding band for introducing it for your life partner. A novel wedding band would unquestionably stamp your character and speak to the one of a kind cherish you impart to your accomplice. However another fascination is that such a special ring can be passed down the eras as legacies.

engadement rings

There are numerous assortments of readymade vintage engagement rings  which you can discover in gems stores around you. Be that as it may, it is in fact fun and energizing to make something of your own and present to your uncommon somebody. Normally altered wedding bands are offered by online diamond setters as opposed to the physical stores. Planning your own ring is an extremely basic process and you can utilize your inventiveness to get awesome outcomes. In any case, before you begin outlining the ring on the web, ensure that you have the plan in your mind first.

The initial phase in planning a ring would choose the band material. Normally the ring groups are accessible in platinum, yellow gold or white gold. What you need to note is that the wedding band ought to run well with the wedding rings. The second step is selecting the ring setting and this in reality decides the general appearance of the ring. There is extensive variety of settings from the solitaire with a solitary precious stone to a clear setting for a ring secured with jewels. A basic setting would be the one with a jewel in the middle that is encompassed by somewhat littler precious stones or different valuable stones. On the off chance that you have had an outline in your psyche, it would be simple for you settle on the setting. It is better not to draw a photo of the plan wedding band and falter to tat.

The third step is selecting the cut of the precious stone. Most prominent precious stone cut alternatives incorporate the emerald, heart, round, oval and square. It is ideal to choose which cut you need beforehand itself. Attempt to discover gem dealers or merchants that publicize free precious stones and select the stone on the alluring cut. The fourth step is selecting the size, shading and clarity of the precious stone. Since precious stones are measured in carats, choose what estimate jewel you need. Later select the clarity and shade of the significant jewel for your unique plan wedding band. Normally jewels without shading will be less expensive than the stones that have yellow or tanish tint. Clarity can be dictated by checking if the valuable stone has blemishes, defects or splits in it.

The last stride amid the customization of the wholesale engagement ring is choosing the financial plan. When you have chosen a plan, you have to know whether it is reasonable. The setting alongside the essential jewel, the highlight precious stone constitutes the last cost. On the off chance that the outline goes over your financial plan, look at the best costs on free precious stones. You can run for a jewel with an imperfection not noticeable to the stripped eye for sparing a few bucks.


Paris Weather and Time

being on the oceanic part has an oceanic climate. The oceanic climate has adequate climates of both the warm and cold months. Paris doesn’t experience any extremities of its weather; it won’t experience extreme rise and low of its temperature.  They have a mild weather, its summers don’t experience too much humidity, and they don’t expect too much dryness with its summer and during winter rarely do they experience snow fall and if they do it does not stay too long on the ground, although its weather is mild but it does rain often in Paris even on summer.

Spring time in Paris

Spring time in Paris is on the months of March to May. It has a kind weather and usually the temperature doesn’t drop below four degrees Celsius. The summer months in Paris are on the months of June to August and its summer is cooler than the other countries in Europe.

Its autumn is on the months of September to November; its temperature will drop by the time it is November, since winter is approaching. And its winter months are on the months of December to February, its winter is not that harsh, it is warmer than most of the other countries have in Europe. Paris does not experience snow, when it does it is very rare. The coldest months of this city are the months of January and February but the temperature does not really drop below the freezing point that often.

Paris is located on the European time zone; it is Greenwich Mean Time is of +1hours. And is also part of the Central European Time. The daylight savings are set on the month of October in Paris, this is when they set the local time backwards for one hour and they set it forward for an hour on the month of March.

Why Shakeology is so expensive?

There are many protein shakes, food supplements in the market but the Shakeology is so expensive among all of these, why? Shakeology is really very delicious and it is full of nutrition than the other health supplement which you can easily find in market. This type of protein powders has the quality issues, delicate balance and efficiency, that’s why you also find it with very low price but Shakeology, is expensive because it the healthiest meal of the day.


Shakeology VS Whey Protein Shake

Shakeology is totally another thing whereas Whey Protein is fully a different thing then Shakeology. Before you get a clear idea you have to know that Shakeology is not a protein powder or a food supplement. Most of the people did this mistake. Some of the people, who are unfamiliar with the supplement, did this mistake. Don’t understand anything? Ok no problem; let’s make it simple for you. To understand the difference between the Shakeology and the Whey powder you have to understand first that what they have and what they actually do.

Whey Protein Powder:  Before choosing anything you need to select your goal first. If you want to make bigger your muscle in a very short period of time then this type of protein powder is perfect for you.

This type of protein has all the 9 amino acids which are very easy and fast for your body to digest. Actually this type of protein shake is just a quickest way to fuel your body’s growth.

Shakeology Shakes: Is a Tiger and a Cat same? Like this Shakeology is a protein powder but not same as the Whey Protein powder. Shakeology is not just a protein powder, it is a high quality nutritional supplement, complete meal replacement, and also it contains 50 variety superfoods.

The nutrient dense formula of Shakeology helps you to boost your energy. It has an antioxidant blend which boosts your immune system. Also it helps you to fight of cravings of junk food. It is best because of its ingredients, it contains prebiotics, probiotics, fiber, and digestive enzyme too, it helps you to give you a healthy gastrointestinal tract.

The Meal Replacement: Yeah , Shakeology is an expensive shake but if you maintain a good diet with full of vitamins and mineral then you need only this, it will give you the proper meal supplement. None of the Whey protein shake has this facility. If you bought all of these separately from market then you have to spend a heavy amount for every month.

Shakeology is actually cheaper: When you spend too much eatable diet thing for your diet instead of buying a Shakeology, it will not be a profitable job for you. Don’t need to buy separately all the items which already the Shakeology contains itself. That is the cause of its high price.

How is the taste?

Generally protein shake doesn’t taste good, but Shakeology is totally different. It is really awesome in taste and while you will taste it you will surprise by thinking how a diet shake can be so tasty like the Shakeology.

When it is the matter of your health, invest for the best. Shakeology is expensive but it is the best.

Proper Attire And Look For A Job Interview

Even when you haven’t spoken a single word to the interviewer, you have already made an impression about you in his mind through your dress. Even though each interviewer has a different taste, as to what is appropriate interview attire, but the basics remain the same. Below is a guideline which will make it easier for you to understand the general interview attire for a job interview.


Let us first talk about a proper men’s attire for an interview.

  1. Try and dress in professionally appropriate attire, preferably a suit. It is best to go conservative when you are in a doubt.
  2. Suit means matching jackets and pants, dress shirt, tie, shoes and socks. You could go for a dark color suit with a light colored shirt.
  3. You suit shall be well fitted and shall not be loose or tight.
  4. Don’t go for flashy colors and ties.
  5. You clothing shall be neat and well pressed. Iron your suit well so that it is totally wrinkled free.
  6. Make sure that you smell good and groom your hair properly.

Even if your job is of casual nature, do not try and dress up too casually. If you don’t want to wear a complete suit, you could skip the jacket. But make sure you are always well-dressed.


  1. Women must choose a suit with either skirts or pants.
  2. Make sure that your suit fits you nicely. Your pants should not be too tight, and neither  your skirt shall be too short.
  3. Go for darker shades and avoid bold and flashy colors.
  4. Always make sure to wear a conservative blouse with your suit. Don’t go for animal prints or bold colors.
  5. Your makeup should be minimal. Avoid overdoing your eye liner and lipstick. Go for neutral shades.
  6. Avoid flashy, distracting and shiny jewelry.
  7. Wear smart shoes in decent colors.
  8. Tie up a simple ponytail, and don’t leave your hair shabbily falling on your face.
  9. Make sure you smell good. Also use a mouth freshener before going.
  10. Your suit shall be well ironed and your nails shall be well groomed too.

This may sound like a lot of rules, but these are the basic and the general guidelines which one must follow while going for a job interview. Since, the interviewer has no idea as what kind of a person you are, so make sure your attire speaks well about your personality.

Nowadays, you can buy all of this online through various online shopping stores. Whether its trousers or jeans for men and pants or skirts or women, you could get it all on these online stores easily without wasting much time. The range and variety of apparels available with them is quite amazing when it comes to quality. Some of the famous online shopping stores for your apparel shopping are Tata CLiQ, Myntra, Jabong, Abof, Ajio, Snapdeal etc to name just a few.


Why Drink Shakeology?

Good health demands constant supply of key nutrients required by the body. There is no readily alternative that comes in such as a package as shakeology. An average adult human being would require between above 15 grams of protein on a daily basis. That in reality forces you to have a regular intake of animal food like eggs and meet. Having such awareness and the sustenance of such a routine is difficult. Shakeolgy for instance offers is 17 grams protein guaranteed with various alternatives that extensively aids in:


Weight Lose

How many people wake up every morning and make it to the gym or make some runs? Still the few who manage either of the above two options falls short in consistency. But that perfect body requires a regular awareness of your calorie levels. Shakeolgy helps tremendously since it contains ingredients including the trace one minerals such as chromium. These naturally boost the metabolic rate to quickly achieve that perfect body weight.

Rapid delivery of nutrients

This is particularly true for athletes who need a continued and sometimes continuous supply of energy. The body builders will need it for muscle development. Time becomes then a factor in terms of amount needed in preparation of conventional meals. Shakeology then helps in quick nutrient delivery since they are readily available. Furthermore, liquid intakes are easily digested in comparison to solid foods.

Time and Money saving

Initial payment that covers 30 days of daily guaranteed proper diet; makes shakeology one of the cheapest food alternatives. A typical meal will cost you above $5 and that not to mention the lack of mineral variety. This considered, adding the number of meals one has on a daily basis is more costlty. Shakeology however gives you that in a single glass for 30 days with about $ 130. There is practically no any other alternative at a cheaper cost over such an extended duration. Its readiness of consumption even makes it more ideal. Those who have no time to prepare elaborate dishes food will find shakeology a convenient alternative.

An all in one package

Shakeology also guarantees variety of nutrients in one possible intake. This is as opposed to typical diets which tend to be limited to certain ingredients. The presence of components like polyphenonals and flavonoids acts as antioxidants. Probiotics assists in digestion of absorption of certain minerals. Vitamins especially the ones from vegetables help improve the functioning of the body organs. In a stress filled lifestyle, the presence of adaptogens supplements helps in ensuring proper functioning of vital organs like the brain.

Keeping junk food at bay

Junk food contributes much of health complaints today. They are readily available in fast food joints. The trouble is their monotonousness in ingredient composition. In addition, the limited ingredients present tend to be harmful especially in saturated fats in chips. These processed foods tend to also have a lot of sugar and salt minerals that are preferred for preservation. The oversupply of one and limitation of other often leads to diseases like diabetes.

Future (Rapper), Bio, Facts, Height, Weight, Hit Singles

Nayvadius DeMum Wilburn usually known as Future is an American Hip Hop singer& Rapper born on November 20, 1983, in Atlanta Georgia U.S.A. This is the place where Nayvadius DeMum was nicknamed The Future. Future is also known as MeatheadFuture or Meathead per year income is $ 2,500,000. He earns $ 1.5 Million in last 11 months only in 2015 his earning is $ 8, Million. Future Net worth of $ 5 Million for the year of 2016.  After collecting a series of mix tapes in 2011&12 Wilburn signed a major contract or deal with Epic Records & A1 Recordings then he releases his debut album Pluto and sale his 4100 CDs in the first week.

 Some Basic Information:

     Full Name Nayvadius DeMum Wilburn
     Zodiac Sign   Scorpio
    Birth Date November 20, 1983
    Birth Place Atlanta Georgia U.S.A
    Income and Salary  $ 5 Million
    Age  34 Years
   Per Year Income  $ 2,500,000
   Occupation Hop singer& Rapper
   Genres  Hip Hop. Trap
   Website www.Futurefreebrands.com    
   Children           4
   Sexuality Straight
   Hair Color Black
  Debut Year Between of 2010-11
  Build  Athletic
  Eye Color  Black
  Nick Name Future Hendrix, Astronaut Kid, Super Future
  Residence Atlanta, Georgia, USA                  
  Education Columbia High School
  Per Month Income  $ 3,846,155
  Plays  Rapping & Song-writing
  Per Day Income  $ 1,666,667
  Race      Black
  Ethnicity      Haitian
  Religion  Christian
  Nationality  American
  First Award        2014  
 Total Awards                                  4
 First Name Nayvadius
 Middle Name  DeMum
 Last Name  Wilburn
 Face book Followings   39,578
 Twitter Followings   60,987
  Instagrm Followings   94,187

Body Measurements:

 Chest 42 in or 102 cm
Arms/ Biceps 14 in or 38 cm
 Waist 36 in or 84.6 cm
 Shoe Size 12 US

Hit Singles List:  

        Low Life                     Evol: 2016

        Wicked                        Purple Reign: 2016

        Trap Niggas                DS2: 2015

        Rich Sex                     DS2: 2015

        Blow a Bag                 DS2: 2015

        I Won                          Honest: 2014

        Neva End                    Pluto: 2012


        Last Breath                

        Honest                        Honest: 2014

        Real and True                     2013

        My Savages                Monster: 2014

        Xanny Family             Evol: 2016

        Purple Reign               Purple Reign: 2016


These are some basic facts and figures:

1)      Future is a father of four children with four different women like singer Ciara, India J, Brittni Melan, and Jessica Smith.

2)      He has a son named Future Zahir from singer Ciara. Their relationship fell apart in a dramatic manner in a year after 2014.

3)      Ciara sue Future for $ 15 Million damages.

4)      Future’s favorite rappers are Kayne West and Lil Wayne, he uses to write poems after reading William Shakespeare’s novels.                                                                                         Weight:  Future Weigh’s 169lbs and 77 Kg which are more than many of industries Rappers and singers and his ex-singer Ciara too.

        Height and Comparison with other Stars:

    Name      Height
   The Future 6 ft 2 inches, 188 cm
  Kayne West 5 feet and 8 Inches
       Drake       6 feet  (small)
     Ciara       5 feet and 10 Inches


Rapper K Michelle Bio, Height, Weight

K Michelle is an American R&B singer, songwriter, television personality, guitarist, and pianist. Her real name is Kimberly Michelle Pate, born on March 04, 1986, in Memphis, Tennessee, United States. Since childhood, she was interested in the playing piano and guitar, she also took a vocal lesson from Bob Westbrook. Bob has also trained pop singers Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. She has earned a lot from singing, songs, TV shows, ads, endorsements, sponsorships, and so on. The net worth of K Michelle is $ 5,000,000.

Personal information about K Michelle

She has started her career as a guitarist, now she is 30 years old according to her date of birth March 04, 1986. Since childhood, she was interested in the playing piano and guitar, she also took a vocal lesson from Bob Westbrook. She was seen dating with linebacker Von Miller. She is the mother of one child: Chase Bowman.

Name Kimberly Michelle Pate
Other Names K Michelle
Date of Birth March 04, 1986
Place of Birth Memphis, Tennessee, United States
Father N/A
Mother N/A
Siblings Shalah Pate
  • R&B singer
  • Songwriter
  • Television personality
  • Guitarist
  • Pianist
Nationality The United States of America
Spouse linebacker Von Miller
Zodiac sign Pisces
Children 1

Chase Bowman


Height, weight, Bra size, shoe size and body measurements of K Michelle

K Michelle is a famous singer, guitarist and has earned a lot from her career. She has a list of the fan and wants to know her height, weight, bra size and body measurements. Following we have mentioned all her information:

Name Kimberly Michelle Pate
Height 5 ft. 5 inches
Weight 63 kg
Ethnicity Black
Bra size 32C
Body size 35-25-40 inches
Body Pear shape
Color of Hair Reddish Black
Color of Eyes Brown
Shoes size 8 US


List of K. Michelle’s Hit Albums

K Michelle is a famous singer, guitarist and has released many hit albums. She has also earned a lot from shows and movies but from following albums she has earned more:

Albums Name Income
Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart? $ 874,126
Still No Fucks Given $ 710,227
Rebellious Soul $ 541,126
0 Fucks Given (Mixtape) $ 405,844
Signed, Sealed, & Delivered (Mixtape) $ 346,452
What’s the 901 (Mixtape) $ 315,657
Total Income $ 3,193,432

The earnings from “Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart?” is more than other albums. Total income from above-mentioned movies is $ 3,193,432. Why not to see richest rappers and singers?

List of K. Michelle Top songs

Here is the list of top Songs of K. Michelle:

  1. Can’t raise a man
  2. Love E’m all
  3. Ain’t you
  4. Hard to do
  5. Not a little bit
  6. Maybe I should call
  7. V.S.O.P
  8. I just can’t do this
  9. A mother’s prayer
  10. The right one
  11. Got em like
  12. Mindful
  13. Bury my heart
  14. When crying is easy
  15. Miss you goodbye
  16. Something about the night
  17. I don’t like me
  18. How many times
  19. Sleep like a baby
  20. Build a man intro/build a man

Characteristics of Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

A zero-gravity chair is called a chair type that allows the adoption of the so-called Zero Gravity position, the position NASA developed so that the astronauts during takeoff were exposed to the lowest possible pressure in the column and limbs. Zero gravity chairs are often multi-position chairs and can also be used as a conventional chair or as a rocking chair.


Zero gravity chairs are a class of chairs that allow the user to place them in the so-called Zero Gravity position, developed by NASA for astronauts during takeoff.

The zero gravity position was selected by NASA for astronauts during takeoff because it is the position that less pressure exerts on the spine and limbs, since no point on the body bears a specific pressure. Thus, this position favors blood circulation and relaxation, and is the most convenient to maintain the functions of the human body and ensure the quality of rest and sleep.

Zero gravity chairs allow an excellent rest, since to adopt a reclining position with the feet higher than the head, carries less pressure on the vertebral column and a less exigency to the heart in relation to to pump the blood from the heart towards the legs.

When sitting in the traditional upright position, gravity forces are concentrated in the spine creating a great pressure. In the zero gravity position, in which the feet are placed above the spine, the effect of gravity is dispersed evenly throughout the body, which reduces pressure points. That’s why zero gravity chairs offer deeper and more relaxing comfort than any other chair.


In the zero gravity position, the back of the chair is slightly tilted, which stimulates an open angle between the torso and thigh, aligning and stabilizing the spine, in front of the uncomfortable 90 degree angle that forms the hip and spine In a conventional chair. In addition, the heart does not have to work hard to pump blood all over the body, since the circulation flows with gravity instead of going against it.

The lower pressure on the back, shoulders, neck and spine means that muscles do not have to work hard holding the body. Therefore, zero gravity chairs create a relaxed feeling that facilitates the body to relax reduces tension and reduces fatigue.

Zero gravity chairs are generally multi-position chairs, which can be used as a conventional chair or as a rocking chair, in addition to being able to adopt the zero gravity position, so that the same element of furniture can be used with different functionalities.

Zero Gravity Chairs respond to a design philosophy that looks for functionality and ergonomics. In this way, the design of zero gravity chairs commonly allows several different postures, depending on what the user’s activity will be, from a refreshing nap to watching TV, listening to music in a relaxed way while you balance or read a good book.
Refer: https://www.massagetut.com/

How to Improve Your Hiking Technique

Hiking is a skill and it takes time to get into the ‘hiking mode’. Even the most professional hikers come across difficulties when hiking. There are many ways that you can make it easier and many ways in which you can improve your hiking technique. The key to a great hiker is practice, practice, practice. Here are some ways in which you can improve your hiking technique.

Make Sure You Have Good Hiking Shoes

Good boots are critical to your hiking technique. Without a good pair you won’t be able to hike anywhere. Make sure you select an appropriate pair of boots which suit your settings, terrain and weather conditions in which you will be hiking in.


It is a good idea to break in the shoes before you set off on a long hiking trip. After you have broken them in they will be more comfy to wear. Tie your hiking boots or shoes up and slowly start on small walks to get them used to your feet and the way you walk. This will help perfect your hiking technique and make the overall hiking experience a lot better.

Train, Practice and Keep Fit

The more fit and healthier you are the more fun hiking will be in the long run. Walk wherever you can, climb the stairs more than usual and build up to more challenging hikes slowly. Choose physical activities whenever you can such as swimming, bike riding and jogging. This will keep you fit and will make the hike easier for you. Trail hiking is different than to just walking around the street. Try and choose places that are unlevel terrain, muddy, wet and difficult to walk on.

Find and Maintain a Cadence

Cadence means a recurrent rhythmical series of steps. Good hikers always have a good cadence. This means that steps happen at the same length in the same amount of time no matter whether you are walking up, down or on a flat area.

If you want to find out what your cadence is and improve it then find a paved hill which is sloped. It should be around a couple of hundred feet in length and reasonably steep. With your hiking shoes on and your backpack as extra weight climb the hill two or three times a day. The one thing you need to focus on stepping the same length in the same amount of time, every time. Make sure you have good posture. Keep your shoulders straight and your back upright.

Learn to Use Trekking Poles or a Walking Stick

Once you have found out your cadence and it is like second nature then purchasing a professional trekking pole or stick will help take the work out of your feet and into your arms. Your arms aren’t doing anything while you are on the trail anyway. Eventually you will feel the difference and the trail will become easier for you. Practice with trekking poles before you begin because many people find they don’t help them at all. Be safe, have fun and keep fit! For more guide for women http://www.hikingshoesinfo.com/best-hiking-women/