Future (Rapper), Bio, Facts, Height, Weight, Hit Singles

Nayvadius DeMum Wilburn usually known as Future is an American Hip Hop singer& Rapper born on November 20, 1983, in Atlanta Georgia U.S.A. This is the place where Nayvadius DeMum was nicknamed The Future. Future is also known as MeatheadFuture or Meathead per year income is $ 2,500,000. He earns $ 1.5 Million in last 11 months only in 2015 his earning is $ 8, Million. Future Net worth of $ 5 Million for the year of 2016.  After collecting a series of mix tapes in 2011&12 Wilburn signed a major contract or deal with Epic Records & A1 Recordings then he releases his debut album Pluto and sale his 4100 CDs in the first week.

 Some Basic Information:

     Full Name Nayvadius DeMum Wilburn
     Zodiac Sign   Scorpio
    Birth Date November 20, 1983
    Birth Place Atlanta Georgia U.S.A
    Income and Salary  $ 5 Million
    Age  34 Years
   Per Year Income  $ 2,500,000
   Occupation Hop singer& Rapper
   Genres  Hip Hop. Trap
   Website www.Futurefreebrands.com    
   Children           4
   Sexuality Straight
   Hair Color Black
  Debut Year Between of 2010-11
  Build  Athletic
  Eye Color  Black
  Nick Name Future Hendrix, Astronaut Kid, Super Future
  Residence Atlanta, Georgia, USA                  
  Education Columbia High School
  Per Month Income  $ 3,846,155
  Plays  Rapping & Song-writing
  Per Day Income  $ 1,666,667
  Race      Black
  Ethnicity      Haitian
  Religion  Christian
  Nationality  American
  First Award        2014  
 Total Awards                                  4
 First Name Nayvadius
 Middle Name  DeMum
 Last Name  Wilburn
 Face book Followings   39,578
 Twitter Followings   60,987
  Instagrm Followings   94,187

Body Measurements:

 Chest 42 in or 102 cm
Arms/ Biceps 14 in or 38 cm
 Waist 36 in or 84.6 cm
 Shoe Size 12 US

Hit Singles List:  

        Low Life                     Evol: 2016

        Wicked                        Purple Reign: 2016

        Trap Niggas                DS2: 2015

        Rich Sex                     DS2: 2015

        Blow a Bag                 DS2: 2015

        I Won                          Honest: 2014

        Neva End                    Pluto: 2012


        Last Breath                

        Honest                        Honest: 2014

        Real and True                     2013

        My Savages                Monster: 2014

        Xanny Family             Evol: 2016

        Purple Reign               Purple Reign: 2016


These are some basic facts and figures:

1)      Future is a father of four children with four different women like singer Ciara, India J, Brittni Melan, and Jessica Smith.

2)      He has a son named Future Zahir from singer Ciara. Their relationship fell apart in a dramatic manner in a year after 2014.

3)      Ciara sue Future for $ 15 Million damages.

4)      Future’s favorite rappers are Kayne West and Lil Wayne, he uses to write poems after reading William Shakespeare’s novels.                                                                                         Weight:  Future Weigh’s 169lbs and 77 Kg which are more than many of industries Rappers and singers and his ex-singer Ciara too.

        Height and Comparison with other Stars:

    Name      Height
   The Future 6 ft 2 inches, 188 cm
  Kayne West 5 feet and 8 Inches
       Drake       6 feet  (small)
     Ciara       5 feet and 10 Inches


Rapper K Michelle Bio, Height, Weight

K Michelle is an American R&B singer, songwriter, television personality, guitarist, and pianist. Her real name is Kimberly Michelle Pate, born on March 04, 1986, in Memphis, Tennessee, United States. Since childhood, she was interested in the playing piano and guitar, she also took a vocal lesson from Bob Westbrook. Bob has also trained pop singers Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. She has earned a lot from singing, songs, TV shows, ads, endorsements, sponsorships, and so on. The net worth of K Michelle is $ 5,000,000.

Personal information about K Michelle

She has started her career as a guitarist, now she is 30 years old according to her date of birth March 04, 1986. Since childhood, she was interested in the playing piano and guitar, she also took a vocal lesson from Bob Westbrook. She was seen dating with linebacker Von Miller. She is the mother of one child: Chase Bowman.

Name Kimberly Michelle Pate
Other Names K Michelle
Date of Birth March 04, 1986
Place of Birth Memphis, Tennessee, United States
Father N/A
Mother N/A
Siblings Shalah Pate
  • R&B singer
  • Songwriter
  • Television personality
  • Guitarist
  • Pianist
Nationality The United States of America
Spouse linebacker Von Miller
Zodiac sign Pisces
Children 1

Chase Bowman


Height, weight, Bra size, shoe size and body measurements of K Michelle

K Michelle is a famous singer, guitarist and has earned a lot from her career. She has a list of the fan and wants to know her height, weight, bra size and body measurements. Following we have mentioned all her information:

Name Kimberly Michelle Pate
Height 5 ft. 5 inches
Weight 63 kg
Ethnicity Black
Bra size 32C
Body size 35-25-40 inches
Body Pear shape
Color of Hair Reddish Black
Color of Eyes Brown
Shoes size 8 US


List of K. Michelle’s Hit Albums

K Michelle is a famous singer, guitarist and has released many hit albums. She has also earned a lot from shows and movies but from following albums she has earned more:

Albums Name Income
Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart? $ 874,126
Still No Fucks Given $ 710,227
Rebellious Soul $ 541,126
0 Fucks Given (Mixtape) $ 405,844
Signed, Sealed, & Delivered (Mixtape) $ 346,452
What’s the 901 (Mixtape) $ 315,657
Total Income $ 3,193,432

The earnings from “Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart?” is more than other albums. Total income from above-mentioned movies is $ 3,193,432. Why not to see richest rappers and singers?

List of K. Michelle Top songs

Here is the list of top Songs of K. Michelle:

  1. Can’t raise a man
  2. Love E’m all
  3. Ain’t you
  4. Hard to do
  5. Not a little bit
  6. Maybe I should call
  7. V.S.O.P
  8. I just can’t do this
  9. A mother’s prayer
  10. The right one
  11. Got em like
  12. Mindful
  13. Bury my heart
  14. When crying is easy
  15. Miss you goodbye
  16. Something about the night
  17. I don’t like me
  18. How many times
  19. Sleep like a baby
  20. Build a man intro/build a man

Characteristics of Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

A zero-gravity chair is called a chair type that allows the adoption of the so-called Zero Gravity position, the position NASA developed so that the astronauts during takeoff were exposed to the lowest possible pressure in the column and limbs. Zero gravity chairs are often multi-position chairs and can also be used as a conventional chair or as a rocking chair.


Zero gravity chairs are a class of chairs that allow the user to place them in the so-called Zero Gravity position, developed by NASA for astronauts during takeoff.

The zero gravity position was selected by NASA for astronauts during takeoff because it is the position that less pressure exerts on the spine and limbs, since no point on the body bears a specific pressure. Thus, this position favors blood circulation and relaxation, and is the most convenient to maintain the functions of the human body and ensure the quality of rest and sleep.

Zero gravity chairs allow an excellent rest, since to adopt a reclining position with the feet higher than the head, carries less pressure on the vertebral column and a less exigency to the heart in relation to to pump the blood from the heart towards the legs.

When sitting in the traditional upright position, gravity forces are concentrated in the spine creating a great pressure. In the zero gravity position, in which the feet are placed above the spine, the effect of gravity is dispersed evenly throughout the body, which reduces pressure points. That’s why zero gravity chairs offer deeper and more relaxing comfort than any other chair.


In the zero gravity position, the back of the chair is slightly tilted, which stimulates an open angle between the torso and thigh, aligning and stabilizing the spine, in front of the uncomfortable 90 degree angle that forms the hip and spine In a conventional chair. In addition, the heart does not have to work hard to pump blood all over the body, since the circulation flows with gravity instead of going against it.

The lower pressure on the back, shoulders, neck and spine means that muscles do not have to work hard holding the body. Therefore, zero gravity chairs create a relaxed feeling that facilitates the body to relax reduces tension and reduces fatigue.

Zero gravity chairs are generally multi-position chairs, which can be used as a conventional chair or as a rocking chair, in addition to being able to adopt the zero gravity position, so that the same element of furniture can be used with different functionalities.

Zero Gravity Chairs respond to a design philosophy that looks for functionality and ergonomics. In this way, the design of zero gravity chairs commonly allows several different postures, depending on what the user’s activity will be, from a refreshing nap to watching TV, listening to music in a relaxed way while you balance or read a good book.
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How to Improve Your Hiking Technique

Hiking is a skill and it takes time to get into the ‘hiking mode’. Even the most professional hikers come across difficulties when hiking. There are many ways that you can make it easier and many ways in which you can improve your hiking technique. The key to a great hiker is practice, practice, practice. Here are some ways in which you can improve your hiking technique.

Make Sure You Have Good Hiking Shoes

Good boots are critical to your hiking technique. Without a good pair you won’t be able to hike anywhere. Make sure you select an appropriate pair of boots which suit your settings, terrain and weather conditions in which you will be hiking in.


It is a good idea to break in the shoes before you set off on a long hiking trip. After you have broken them in they will be more comfy to wear. Tie your hiking boots or shoes up and slowly start on small walks to get them used to your feet and the way you walk. This will help perfect your hiking technique and make the overall hiking experience a lot better.

Train, Practice and Keep Fit

The more fit and healthier you are the more fun hiking will be in the long run. Walk wherever you can, climb the stairs more than usual and build up to more challenging hikes slowly. Choose physical activities whenever you can such as swimming, bike riding and jogging. This will keep you fit and will make the hike easier for you. Trail hiking is different than to just walking around the street. Try and choose places that are unlevel terrain, muddy, wet and difficult to walk on.

Find and Maintain a Cadence

Cadence means a recurrent rhythmical series of steps. Good hikers always have a good cadence. This means that steps happen at the same length in the same amount of time no matter whether you are walking up, down or on a flat area.

If you want to find out what your cadence is and improve it then find a paved hill which is sloped. It should be around a couple of hundred feet in length and reasonably steep. With your hiking shoes on and your backpack as extra weight climb the hill two or three times a day. The one thing you need to focus on stepping the same length in the same amount of time, every time. Make sure you have good posture. Keep your shoulders straight and your back upright.

Learn to Use Trekking Poles or a Walking Stick

Once you have found out your cadence and it is like second nature then purchasing a professional trekking pole or stick will help take the work out of your feet and into your arms. Your arms aren’t doing anything while you are on the trail anyway. Eventually you will feel the difference and the trail will become easier for you. Practice with trekking poles before you begin because many people find they don’t help them at all. Be safe, have fun and keep fit! For more guide for women http://www.hikingshoesinfo.com/best-hiking-women/

5 beautiful UPDOS for long hair for work you can make on daily basis


Having long hair can give you so many options for stylizing them in different shapes and varieties, some girls who just get rid of their long hair because of feeling awkward and carrying them can be very painful. You can give many excuses you want but the truth is long hair can certainly be an asset for female person. Now, mostly young women and girls usually goes to work regularly and are looking for something whish they don’t change their hairstyle and make it relevantly. Because the modern women of today is very independent and gives value to their work that can leave an impression on their fellow colleagues and clients.

Whenever you look for best style in long hair it is rather complicated to find best UPDOS for long hair which ultimately can give you so much time and won’t get in your face while working in office. It is an advantage you can have but let’s face one thing it is also very important that you go with the ongoing trend as well.

That is why below we have listed some real facts about 5 beautiful UPDOS for long hair for work you can make on daily basis to help you understand how these new styles can prove beneficial for your hair’s length, and why you should consider them in the first place.

1) Quick twisted UPDO style:

This style is super cute and is very easy to make, first you just have to twist your hair and don’t need to go for parlor. Now your morning have become more awesome covers all your hair from sides and back.

2) Twist High bun style:

The age of high buns has become the perfect tradition for the work because they can give you a professional look. You can grab all your hair and make a pony and twist it to make into the bun and in the end use rubber elastic band to secure it. No need for any extra accessories.

3) The top knot style:

If you are a person who likes portrait a UPDO then you can add this top knot that can make the difference in every which way. Women of all ages love it and you can use a little spray to hold it.

4) Simple Tuck Gibson style UPDO:

So if you are looking for UPDOS for long hair for work, then this style can give you a celebrity feeling and usually last longer even you do not take it off in night. The good thing about it you don’t need a mirror to do it.

5) Classic French twist UPDO:

Are you new to the hairstyling and probably going on your first day on the job then this classic French UPDO is the best to make an impression on the people around you. Try this and see the results where your hair will be not being vulnerable for any harm.













Jojobet Responsible Gaming Rules

At WHL format, we take both our duties and our clients with a great degree truly. We are 100% dedicated to a proficient, secure, reasonable and socially mindful administration. We need our clients to make the most of their web wagering knowledge with us securely. Cheerful clients are rehash clients and we are satisfied to share the organization of numerous devoted guests who return consistently to appreciate the rushes and spills of putting down a wearing wager. A portion of our prosperity lies in our firm, however reasonable way to deal with mindful and reasonable betting. To this end have established a scope of measures to guarantee that everybody who makes the most of our web wagering administration does as such in as sheltered a path as could be expected under the circumstances.

WHL format is committed to guaranteeing that its clients appreciate gaming and take it as an engaging and fun encounter. We consider mindful gaming important and are accessible should you have a craving for betting is turning into an issue.

On the off chance that you feel you may have an issue with your betting, pose the accompanying inquiries:

  • Have you ever happened to miss work or school for betting?
  • Do you feel betting is for you an exit from an exhausting or miserable life?
  • On the off chance that you happen to bet all your cash away, would you feel discouraged? Would another betting session be the main exit?
  • Have you ever happened to bet all your cash away, including your nourishment cash or the transport roll home?
  • Could you concede unreservedly to the measure of cash or time gone in betting?
  • Have you ever been rebuked for betting excessively?
  • In the event that in need to get betting cash, would you take, lie or offer valuable resources?
  • Do you set aside cash for betting? Would you spend it in an unexpected way?
  • Do you favor betting to your family, companions or different approaches to have quality time?
  • Do you feel the desire to recoup every one of your misfortunes straight away when you happen to cause a few?
  • Do you react to contentions, dissatisfactions or disillusionments with a yearning to jojobet more?
  • Is betting driving you discouraged or self-destructive?

Their standards are clear and straightforward and they do their best to uphold them as viably and evenhandedly as could reasonably be expected. Among the scope of tenets connected at WHL format are that customers must be no less than 18 years old. Username and security classification are the customer’s obligation. On the off chance that you debate any of our choices you should think of us an email and express the purpose behind the question, if for any reason you are not happy with their determination you can contact I.B.A.S for an autonomous determination.

All bookmakers working inside I.B.A.S. Are enlisted with the administration and have pronounced an expectation to submit to an I.B.A.S. Administering. Any bookmaker enrolled who neglects to satisfy that dedication will be expelled from the enlist.

How to Become a Dental Hygienist

How to Become a Dental Hygienist?

A dental hygienist is a doctor who is responsible for the oral health of the patient. He works in the examination of the dentist. The work of the dental hygienist is to provide the guidance to  the people regarding the oral health. They teach the people that how they can make oral heath good and better. They work with the dentist as a helper in the hospitals or in the private clinics. The average salary of the dental hygienist is seventy thousand dollars. The question arises in our mind that how to become a Dental hygienist? The answer to the question is as follow. How Long does it take to become a dental hygienist? It took 4 years.

Educational Requirements

           The educational requirement of the dental hygienist similar to the educational requirements of the dentist i.e. the time duration for both degrees are same which is given as follow:

Matriculation Degree

For becoming a dental hygienist you must have to fulfill these educational requirements. Firstly you have to do a matriculation with science subjects: biology, chemistry, math, and physics. You must have to pass the matriculation level with the 1st division to enter in the field of the dentist.

Secondary degree

After the matriculation stage, you have to do Fsc. Pre-medical with the subjects: biology, chemistry, and physics. You must have to pass the Fsc. with the 1st division to adopt the field of the dentist as a profession. For becoming a dental hygienist you must have to earn a Fsc. degree after the matriculation degree.

Bachelor degree

After getting the 12-year education you need to earn a bachelor degree. If you are receiving this degree after BS from the college, 2 years are required for becoming a dental hygienist but if you are earning this degree from the university after Fsc. then you require four years to become a dental hygienist. Now it’s up to you that which way you adopt to earn your degree of a dental hygienist.

New Post By Dentgap, Education Requirements to become Pharmacist.

One year training program

After completing the education of the dental hygienist you need a practical training in the related field. After the completion of the degree, one-year training is held for the student which is also considered as an internship in the Govt. institutions. This training is performed at the end of the final year and the certificate is also given to the student after the training as a proof.

Issuing of the License

To work in the market the license for that particular field is required must. Same is the case with the dental hygienist. After getting the degree as well as the training in the particular field, you must have to get a license. You are eligible for getting a license if you pass the test of National board of dental hygienist examination conducted by the govt. there are three chances to appear and pass the examination. If you have passed the examination then you will get a license and can work in the market with the other dentists. You can work with the dentists in their private clinic or can work with the dentists in the govt. Hospitals.

Main Page on ; Dentgap.com

Morocco experiences: where to live them?

I know that is the best thing about traveling: having experiences that you will remember the whole life. Here, I am not talking about having your first boyfriend or going to the mall for the first time, I am talking about those experiences that deal with traveling and doing new things for the very first time.
If I had to tell you a good country to live great experiences, I will recommend you

Morocco without hesitating. Since going to the mountain and trekking to walking though the waterfalls, there are many activities you can do here and you will enjoy it. Actually, best activities are those that people do and never thought they will be doing. For example, did you try to ride a camel? If your answer is no, then you should do it; that is a new experience and that is what I am talking about.
One of the experiences most tourists live is going to the mountains. If you are not a nature lover or you do not enjoy trekking, I still recommend you going to these places, after all is all about living new experiences, isn’t it? If you are with your friends, you can plan going to the High Atlas Mountain which is an excellent place to trek.

If you are wondering where you can live the best experiences, I will recommend you the mountains and not the cities, why? Morocco is still a place in which some places have not been modernized and there are some old houses and old places that are really good to visit but they do not offer you those experiences you want to live. There are lovely accommodations in the High Atlas you can enjoy and despite of everything you can still enjoy Morocco: a country that gives you the best adventures and culture ever!

There is a place that you need to visit and this is The Cascades d’Ouzoud. If you are visiting the high atlas, do not doubt to come here, the landscape is beautiful, you will relax by listening the water falling to the floor and taking a bath here is a great thing to do; you cannot miss every single detail of this place.

Talking about great places to visit, you may feel surprised when you notice that there are many places that need to be discovered and have not be discovered yet. Places like the High Atlas are really easy to find and people are constantly talking about it, but how about those places that nobody talks about it and they are still famous?

While Morocco may seem a small country, the thing is that it is not small at all and actually is one of those countries that are too big and it seems like you never end discovering them. This is why I will talk about: The Massa Lagoon. This place is not located in the high atlas, so you will need to leave this place in order to go to Massa Lagoon. This place is a perfect destination for the Morocco Tours.

Massa Lagoon is located in the beautiful city of Agadir. This city has many things to offer and people love coming here. Among these places, Massa Lagoon is a great place to go but this place is not exactly a “tall mountain”. You will be able to see the hundreds of species that live here; this place is also considerate as the best bird reserve in the country, so it is interesting to come here. Here you can watch the birds, where they hide and when they are flying. It is an amazing experience you need to live right now!

Haircut app

How often have you gone to the hair salon, maybe printed out a reference to the sought style and had the beautician offer the go-ahead, yet just to wind up with an un-hair-by finishing? Yes, it happens to the vast majority of us and in spite of the fact that we can simply look through an interest for approaches to spare the dough till it becomes out of its frightful wreckage, isn’t anticipation superior to cure? Whether you need to experiment with blasts or shading your locks a brilliant shade of red, these FREE virtual makeover applications are here to help you paint a clearer picture! Life is too short to have exhausting hair. Particularly, when a decent hair day can top you off with enough certainty that you can battle anyone and everyone.

Hairdos are the main thing to change when a young lady’s life is going to turn over. Our haircut app changes the way we look, helps us spruce up our face, however above all permits us to set a mind blowing early introduction without really doing anything.You can attempt twists and frizzes or the pixie-trim. Besides, you can shading these chose haircuts in any shading you can consider – from the rudiments like dark, cocoa and blonde to odd like blue, orange and green. In any case, best of all you get the opportunity to see which hairdo suits you better and hence keep yourself from committing idiotic errors.

  • ChouChou: iPhone App
    Maybe the most reasonable virtual experience of the four, this application is ideal for the individuals who have been craving for a Japanese haircut. It’s anything but difficult to apply and conform, and the coolest part is the photograph will get to be distinctly enlivened (the individual in the photograph will really squint and you can move her head) to give it a 3D impact. You can likewise pick between a couple hues for the look.
  • Hair Color
    Can’t choose in the event that you need to go for strong chestnut or beguiling red? Let this application settle on that choice for you! No chemicals required. Simply alter the green dabs to plot your hair and it’ll “shading” over your it without a squeeze! You don’t just get a great deal of hairdos to look over, however you may likewise try different things with various hues. The smooth shading selector wheel without a doubt helps in giving a perfect interface.
  • Sturk
    No green spots or following required. Some way or another the application just consequently perceives where your tuft of hair is and applies the “wig” over it in a flash and normally. You can likewise add different adornments further to enhance your photographs, similar to gems and shades. Considering every one of these capacities, the application doesn’t feel jumbled by any stretch of the imagination. The engineers have attempted their level best to keep the User Interface delightful and tasteful
  • Hairstyle
    Rather than gazing at the photograph of your most loved VIP and her marvelous haircut, why not simply attempt it on for yourself? This application does only that! What’s more, you can even change the hair shedding in the meantime.

How to Monitor, Backup and Secure Your Dedicated Server

You can spend your money on investment in bandwidth and hardware, but if your application needs to run reliably, then you need to invest in monitoring, security tools, and backup. Many dedicated server companies provide service level agreements (SLAs) which take care of monitoring, server security task and regular backups. These services vary from one service provider to another, and it’s crucial to go through vendor’s SLA before signing up.

Most system administrators depend on 3rd party tool when it comes to managing servers and monitoring them unless you’re on an unmanaged VPS host like EcoVPS.  These 3rd party tools offer an active monitoring, filtering, and instant updates and it ensures that the servers are online and in case a problem arises, it alerts system administrators. Occasionally, it’s a good idea to have your independent monitoring tool since you can get valuable information for quality assurance. You can depend on the monitoring tools below for your mission critical projects and can provide you with crucial data on the status of your server.



Being one the largest professional server monitoring software providers, Nimsoft can be used to monitor cloud applications, private networks, and server performance. Depending on the type of server or application, the software comes with custom dashboards which allow you to keep track of the progress. Anyone looking for a professional monitoring tool would find Nimsoft ideal since it offers instant notifications across all delivery channels. Product solutions come in the range of entry level monthly charges to annual subscriptions for custom services. The main advantage of Nimsoft is the auditing tool. The tool offers server performance data to business owners as compared to promised benchmarks.


Pingdom server monitoring tool that focuses on improved uptime. You can use Pingdom tools to determine the remote performance of your server from different access points IPs. You can custom your alert configurations, and this allows to check Email (IMAP or POP3), HTTP and DNS/TCP response times. You can also set these tests to be automated for high-value markets to determine where any data lags could arise. You can keep the tabs on the server with a mobile and web-based application anytime you want.


Zenoss is the leading open source management tool. The open source edition offers a web-based interface. It allows you to monitor, manage and you can share the server data with your group. Zenoss can allow you to behold single server monitoring and monitor every machine on the whole IT system. The development teams should ensure server uptime and local network connection for smooth project management.

Also, real-time monitoring of your server and daily offsite backups give you considerable redundancy when large scale malfunctions occur due to power outages, fire or any other type of natural disaster. In case your server is damaged physically or in a scenario in which you can’t access the files due to server offline, the offsite backup offers redundancy which helps in avoiding substantial downtime. Managed backup services allow for continuous data transmission.

To maintain consistent uptime, it requires some layers of security procedures. With managed hosting, you get the advantage of additional security precautions that is used for sensitive data protection. Competitors and professional hackers may search for vulnerable server IPs and target some specific data sources. If you intend to build a popular application, then you need to invest in service level agreement. It provides inbound protection with firewalls, protection from database injections and denial of service (DDOS) attacks.

Instead of responding to the attacks after they have happened, a good firewall should prevent the attack by blocking any suspicious traffic using intrusion prevention systems.